European structural funds

  • For what kind of projects/ business can I access european non reimbursable money?
  • When does the project submission session begin?
  • Within what values should my project value be?
  • What is the minimum contribution of the applicant?
  • What are the eligibility criteria for applicants and for the project?
EU structural and cohesion funds

ENGINEERING PROJECT DEVELOPMENT can answer these questions and can provide information and advice in completing the application for funding and help prepare necessary documents in the funding request file. Our team of consultants will be available to assist you throughout the project development from the pre-feasibility study and until the drawing up of the payment records. Projects prepared by our company (which are now in the stage of analysis) addressed the convergence objectives of European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the following Operational Programmes:

  • Regional Operational Programme, Priority Axis 3, Key Area of Intervention 3.1 Rehabilitation, modernization and equipping of health services
  • Increasing the Economic Competitiveness Operational Programme, Priority Axis 4, Key Area of Intervention 4.2 Valorisation of renewable energy to produce green energy

Your project can receive funding from state sources. Our company has successfully accessed funding from the Environment Fund through the Programme of energy production from renewable sources(wind,solar,hydro, biomass,geothermal) promoted by the Ministry of Environment and Forests.