Services provided in design and engineering and other technical services consist of construction projects for industrial, civil, utilities, infrastructure projects (water supply networks and sewage, electricity, roads, water treatment plants), heat plant, sources for producing and/or storage of technical gas, projects in systematic planning for land.

Design services offered are complex, consisting of:
  1. Drafting documentation for Urbanity Certificates;
  2. Technological concept of the investment (establishing optimal flows and facilities / equipment);
  3. Architectural concept (determining the architecture solution - conceptual);
  4. Technical project preparation ;
  5. Technical expertise for constructions and related facilities;
  6. Consulting and interior/exterior design;
  7. Drafting documentation for approvals requested through the Urbanity Certificates ;
  8. Obtaining approvals ;
  9. Approval documentation for construction works;
  10. Drafting before-measurements, specifications, costs estimates - quotes;
  11. Drawing Execution Details.

Project development is done using modern computer aided design, using CAD software solutions, leading to a shorter duration of final project execution and fast operation of any modifications, depending on the needs of adaptation that may occur in the actual execution phase.