Consulting and supervision on site provided by EPD and consisting of investment advisory and supervising works on site by certified inspectors shall be materialized, mainly by::

  1. Consulting in chosing a suitable piece of land
  2. Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  3. Verifying projects ,according to standards as follows:
  4. A1;A2 - Strength and stability of concrete and metal construction
    AF - Strength and stability of foundations
    B - Reliability of the building during use
    C - Building fire safety
    D - People's health
    E - Saving energy, hydro and thermal protection built
    F - Noise protection of the building
    A4 - Strength and stability of road works and parking
    B2 - Reliability of road works and parking
    D2 - Environmental protection works of roads and parking
    Is,It,Ig,Ie - Plumbing, heating, gas, electric installations
  5. Supervising works on site by site inspectors certified in accordance with the law